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Tican Headquater

Tican´s history dates back to 1928

In the 19th century all pigs were slaughtered at the farm and sold to customers in the local community. At the end of the century when Danish tradesmen succeeded in establishing export of Danish pork to Great Britain and Germany, farmers had to gather their pigs in larger quantities, which led to the establishment of regional slaughterhouses.

The first cooperative slaughterhouse was established in 1887 and by 1930 there were 60 cooperative slaughterhouses in Denmark due to the continued success with export of high-quality meat. In 1928 the founding stones to what is known as Tican today were laid.

For many years the primary market of Tican was the Danish home market, particularly to customers in the area where the slaughterhouse is located in Northern Jutland. During the 1990s the international expansion picked up speed, and today Tican´s products are exported to more than 50 countries worldwide.

In March 2016 Tönnies bought Tican A/S.

Tican - pork specialists

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